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Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Ludhiana, FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Punjab.

Dr. Vikas Gupta (Hair Transplant specialist in Punjab)

Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Ludhian

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Hair loss affects all men and women around the globe. Considering the severity of the condition, there’s always a hunt for the best hair loss treatment. As per the present state, the critical factor is to seek the assistance of medical experts who are well aware of the latest and modern technology. Like: FUE Hair Transplant. The hair transplant treatment allows individuals to have natural and permanent-looking hair growth.

Reasons to Profile Forte to Undergo Hair Transplant

We are running one of the largest hair transplant clinics, which is well-known among people who are suffering from excessive hair loss in men and women. If you are struggling to get rid of hair loss in women and men conditions, then you visit us once and get the below-mentioned benefits.

At our hair transplant clinic, hair restoration expertise and a well-managed centre allow the patient to seek inventive care for hair loss in men and women. Our centre has availability of all the latest hair transplant treatment options to perform the surgery correctly. Some of the reasons to choose our hair transplant centre are:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Advanced techniques
  • Artistic sensibilities
  • Desired results
  • Comfortable, safe, and hygienic environment

Highlighting Remarkable Changes: Before-and-After Results of Hair Transplant

Our Hair Transplant Treatments

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation, which is the best and minimally invasive procedure. In this surgical procedure, the specialist harvests a small number of hair grafts from the back of the scalp (Donor Area) to transplant at the affected area( recipient area). This procedure does not result in scarring at the Donor and recipient areas.

Beard Hair Transplant

These days, young ones usually go with a beard because it contributes to their style. But several are struggling to grow beard naturally or suffering from beard hair fall. In this condition, a beard hair transplant helps them to grow it again and the specialist collects the hair graft from the back of the head, after that transplant at a beard.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT stands for follicular unit transplant, this is additionally known as Strip surgery. This is also an effective method and designed for those who need too many hair grafts to get rid of bald spots. In the FUT procedure, the strip of the hair grafts are harvested from the donor area to transplant in the affected area.

Body Hair Transplant

Body hair transplant is designed for those who do not have proper hair growth on the scalp and want to get fuller hair growth only in one sitting. In this case, hair grafts are collected from certain body parts including chest, beard, underarms, and pubic hair.


Bio FUE is another type of hair transplant, which is quite similar to Follicular Unit Extraction, in which blood and growth factors are separated to re-transplant at the recipient area. This is beneficial for those, who want fuller hair growth. Well, this is a completely painless treatment because it is stitch-free treatment.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrows not only contribute to ladies’ beauty but also adds elegance to men’s style. If you are unable to grow proper eyebrows or you may lose hair due to injury or burning problems, then you need to go with an eyebrow hair transplant. Modern techniques are used to perform eyebrow hair transplants to grow eyebrow.

About Fut & Fue Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair transplantation has two methods include Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction. Let’s have a look at FUT and FUE hair transplant method.

What Is Follicular Unit Transplantation (Fut)?

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): This is also known as the strip harvesting method, in which the surgeon harvests the strip of hair grafts from the back of the scalp. The back of the scalp is known as the donor area. Thereafter, those harvested grafts are transplanted in the affected area. No doubt, this treatment results in fuller hair growth, but, unfortunately, it leaves a scar at the back of the scalp.

What Is Follicular Unit Extraction (Fue)?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): This is the most well-known and advanced method of hair transplantation, which always gives you mind-blowing or desired results. In this treatment, the surgeon collects a small number of grafts or single hair grafts, after that he transplants the hair grafts at the affected area of the scalp. In addition to this, this treatment option does not result in scarring and any other type of side effects.

Benefits of Both Hair Transplant Methods

  • Results in permanent along with natural-looking hair growth.
  • You can get fuller hair growth.
  • No need to undergo any other type of hair fall treatment after getting this treatment.

Cost of Hair Restoration/Transplantation In Ludhiana

It is true that almost all the medical procedures are expensive, including hair transplantation. Millions of people are wondering to know why all the surgical procedures are too expensive.
Well, there are several factors that you need to know to understand why the treatments are costly.

  • Cost of the medical equipments which are used in performing the treatment.
  • Pre and post care medications and care.
  • Facilities that are offered at the clinic.
  • The experience and reputation of the surgeon.
  • The severity, condition, and form of the problem.

Due to this, several people avoid taking hair transplantation, they do not even want to get a check-up from the specialist. Well, if you are one of them, then there is no need to compromise with your hair fall. You just visit us once, so that we can guide you properly not only about hair transplantation method but also about cost.
Hair transplantation is the best and most well-known method of treating hair fall. If you are suffering from hair fall or bald spots, then you have to undergo hair transplantation. As, if you delay the treatment, then it will surely lead you to severe conditions. Or people who choose temporary hair fall treatment options are unable to get desired results because those options only result in temporary relief. So, you must stop thinking about the cost and get the treatment as soon as possible.

Factors to calculate the cost of hair transplantation.

  • Total number of grafts who need to treat hair fall.
  • Expectations and desires of the patient.
  • An affected or bald area where you need to transplant hair.
  • How many sessions required for surgery?
  • What are the facilities provided at the hair transplant clinic?
  • Pre and post-care medications that you need for faster recovery.
  • Type of hair transplant or nature of transplant.

Who Performed Hair Transplant Surgery in Profile Aesthetic Surgery Centre Ludhiana?

Hair transplant for men and women is a type of cosmetic surgical procedure, which is usually performed by a cosmetic surgeon. If you choose Profile Aesthetic Surgery Centre Ludhiana, Punjab to get hair transplantation for women and men, then there is no need to take tension about the procedure.

We have a team of experienced and well-qualified doctors, who have a great deal of knowledge about everything.
Here at Profile, we have a well-qualified doctor, Dr. Vikas Gupta. He was honored as “Makeover Man” by Captain Amrinder Singh (Chief minister of Punjab), for his dedication, hard work, and success in this field.

Dr. Vikas Gupta has specialization to perform both FUT and FUE Hair Transplant procedures. In addition to this, he performs all the hair transplants with the help of a team of experts, who are working in our hair transplant clinic. All the doctors have several years of experience to treat hair loss conditions in both males and females.

Meet Our Specialist

Dr. Vikas Gupta

Dr. Vikas Gupta

Director Profile Cosmetic Surgery India

Dr. Vikas Gupta is board certified MCh Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. This is highest qualification of medical sciences. He is owner has medical director of Profile Cosmetic Clinic established in 2010. Dr. Vikas Gupta has vast experience of treating patients/ clients as he started his medical practice in year 1996. More than 25 years of experience.

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    Well, not, this is a completely safe and painless treatment, because your surgeon gives you anesthesia. If you are taking FUT treatment, then you may feel the pinch of the needle, because, in this treatment, the surgeon collects the strip of hair grafts. Whereas, in FUE hair transplantation, there is no need to afraid, in this treatment single hair graft is collected to transplant.

    The harvesting of hair grafts only depends on the availability of hair grafts, but not on time. If you have proper hair growth, then there is no need to take tension about time or quality, in this case, hair grafts can easily be harvested from the donor area. Well, the collection of hair graft just needs one session, if you choose the profile hair transplant center.

    Many people ask us about days needed, well, do not think that harvesting hair in 2 days does not result in a double number of hair grafts. So, there is no need to waste the time if you genuinely need hair transplantation.

    The harvesting of hair grafts only depends on the availability of hair grafts, but not on time. If you have proper hair growth, then there is no need to take tension about time or quality, in this case, hair grafts can easily be harvested from the donor area. Well, the collection of hair graft just needs one session, if you choose the profile hair transplant center.

    Many people ask us about days needed, well, do not think that harvesting hair in 2 days does not result in a double number of hair grafts. So, there is no need to waste the time if you genuinely need hair transplantation.

    Yes, you can undergo hair transplantation, if you are suffering from diffuse alopecia areata. However, if you are suffering from confluent alopecia areata, then you do not go with hair transplantation because it results in scarring at the recipient area as well as scars at the donor areas too.

    No, not at all, this is not a good solution for your hair, if you are planning to undergo hair transplantation. Well, this is only for temporary hair fall and you never think to go with it before getting the surgery. If you are already using finasteride, then you have to stop using it, because it will surely harm your hair grafts and makes them worse for hair transplantation.

    The approximate fees charged by cosmetic surgeons in Ludhiana depends on the treatment. A nose surgery can go from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,50,000.

    If you are thinking of a practice set of exercises after getting hair transplantation, then you have to wait for some time. As it is not the right time to practice physical activities immediately after getting hair transplantation. You may not be aware of it that if you practice too many exercises, then these will lead you to sweat as well as irritation. In these conditions, the patient usually starts pulling newly transplant hair.

    For faster recovery, you have to follow all the post-operative care instructions of your surgeon. He may suggest you-: • Do not try to touch your scalp as well as newly transplanted hair. • You must apply ice packs on the forehead to reduce the risk of swelling. Make sure you do not try to apply ice cubes on the transplanted area. • You must avoid those physical activities which result in sweating and irritation too.

    Cost of hair transplantation starts from ₹30,000 to ₹350,000 which depend upon the Number of hair Follicles and Number of sessions As per surgery plans.