Welcome to the Best and Affordable Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery Clinic-Profile Studios, Ludhiana Punjab India.

The most widely-sought name for Hair Transplant provides the most advanced and effective Hair Transplant in India. Founded by India’s finest Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgeon, DR. VIKAS GUPTA in 2010 has now become the only clinic to have more than 10,000 patients in 25 Years, satisfied clienteles across the globe. He is well-known for his realistic experience and sophisticated approach to Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery. His exceptional technique of implantation (KEEP Implantation or Direct Implantation) for natural results, especially as there are different techniques used for the surgery — the estimated survival rate for transplanted hair grafts touches 100%.

Experiencing the transformative journey of Hair Restoration at one of the leading Hair Transplant Centers. Across the globe, individuals are reclaiming confidence through state-of-art procedures that deliver natural-looking results.

As an integral part of this global sensation, Profile Studios stands out as a beacon of excellence. Renowned for its skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology, we integrate artistry and precision to provide personalized solutions for each patient.
Join the class who have embraced the joy of regaining a full head of hair and a renewed sense of self. Acknowledged as the Best Hair Transplant center in Ludhiana Punjab, we bring the latest advancements in Hair Transplantation, confirming a world-class experience with lasting results, and combating Hair Loss.

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1753, New Prem Nagar, Near Aakash Institute, Ludhiana

From the Director’s desk

“We don’t create, we restore”

I have started this mission of transforming the looks of my dear clients who have become my family now, with the motive of earning recognition, respect in society and adding value to their life.

In the year 2007, I was working as a Plastic Surgeon in the Department of Plastic Surgery, at Christian Medical College, Ludhiana. At that point of time, I started believing that Plastic Surgery majorly deals with the trauma and restoration of body parts. There was a growing desire of the public to improve and enhance their looks. After an abundance of research, analysis, and discussion with my seniors and colleagues, we thought that Cosmetic Surgery is something that needed to be learnt and propagated. Helping the masses and classes enjoy their new confident and vibrant looks was our major concern.

With this target in mind, in the year 2010, I left Christian Medical College as an Assistant Professor and decided to start my own venture in the name of Profile Cosmetic Surgery. Profile means side view and if the side view is good, you look great. So, right from head to the toe, all body parts including eyes, nose, cheeks, or hair, need to be very good.

It was the time when society was looking for Cosmetic Surgeons, and we fulfilled this demand. We are still proud to say that we are one of the pioneers of Independent Plastic Surgery clinics in North India.

Our clinic was conceived with the idea that it should not look like a clinic or a busy hospital. When a patient or client is inside the clinic, they never feel that they are sitting in a busy hospital where lot of patients and agony is seen.

Initially, we began with Hair Transplants and, after its immense success, and patient support, we started all aspects of Cosmetic Surgery, like Liposuction, Breast Surgery (Mammoplasty), Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty), Gynecomastia, Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures, and Tummy Tuck, for both men and women. With our continuous dedication and the latest state-of-the-art facilities, we earned many encouraging results.

Since 2010, and with more than 13 years of experience, we have covered the journey with more 10,000 + happy clients of Cosmetic Surgery. Our aim is to make people happy in and around us.

For Hair Transplants – Our motto is “We restore, we don’t create hairlines.” So the best hair transplant means – Nobody says it is done, and we adhere to those principles. With all the latest technologies and equipment, we are covered in the list of best service providers in the field of Hair Transplant or any other Cosmetic Surgery.

About Profile Studios

In the field of Hair Transplant, there are two factors that decide the final outcome. One is the number of hair per square centimeter. These can be done by anyone, even technicians or those who are not Plastic Surgeons. But a person to be called an Effective Plastic Surgeon must have a special interest in Hair Transplant through which he can make a hairline that looks too natural to be real. It exactly matches the family background, ethnicity, age, and sex of the person who is going to get this Hair Transplantation done. Thus, the process of creating the perfect hairline involves both science and art.

In today’s competitive Hair Transplant practice, only those centers can thrive & survive those who have ample knowledge, training, and qualification in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, like Plastic Surgeons. They are creating hairlines that restore looks, and help clients to regain their lost confidence back.

But if we create a hairline as something different, it never looks decent. For instance, if somebody who is of Indian origin gets a Caucasian or African hairline, they look weird. So, as the owner of Plastic Surgery Clinic and Hair Transplant Center, we are doing our level best to give a perfect matching hairline which every individual has different from one another.

Apart from these scientific deliberations, our center boasts a 7,500 square foot area which has state-of-the-art procedure, operation rooms for Hair Transplants, and very competitive staff. The doctor’s chambers are separate from the sitting area. We have an independent parking lot, and we have five procedural rooms that cater to local anesthesia. Every OT staff member has at least experience of doing 10 lakh hair, and all of them have been working in this establishment for at least 10–12 years now. So the team is well-oiled, and to ensure quality results, Dr. Vikas Gupta, One of the best Hair Transplant Doctors in India, performs these hair transplants himself. This practice serves as a unique selling proposition/ USP of this clinic. Last but not the least, the clinic conforms and follows all the guidelines made mandatory by the Government of India and the National Medical Council.

Prioritizing our patients’ safety and comfort, we have all emergency facilities to cater to any dire consequences or emergencies during the procedure. We are attached to one of the finest hospitals in Ludhiana, which is Deepak Hospital, for all emergency needs. All cosmetic surgeries like Liposuction, Tummy Tuck and major Breast Surgeries are also performed in Deepak Hospital, where private rooms, ICU facilities, ample parking, sitting area, launches, and canteen areas are available.

Treatment We Provide

With our purpose-driven approach and a decade of excellence, we specialize in the following services:

Why Choose Profile Cosmetic Clinic?

If the hairline is perfect then transplant is excellent.

Never settling for the ordinary, we always target exceptional results. At Profile Cosmetic Clinic, we proud ourselves of being a trusted destination for Hair Health Restoration. Here are some compelling reasons why choosing us is your best decision:

  • Reverse Hair Transplant Technique: In order to minimize follicle stay outside the body after harvesting, Profile Hair Transplant Clinic has mastered the field of reverse hair transplant techniques.
  • Direct Hair Transplant: In selected cases, a direct hair transplant is done in our clinic. Recognizing that each person is indifferent to unique sets of skin, hair, and physical characteristics, personalized treatment and attention are given, which ensures aesthetically pleasing results.
  • Transparent Consultation & Follow-up: We admire honest communication, which equips you with a clear understanding of procedures, expected results, and potential considerations. Extending well-being beyond the surgery, we confirm a smooth and successful recovery post-transplantation.
  • Ethics and Technologies Hand By Hand: Leveraged with cutting-edge technology and advanced hair transplant techniques, we aim to regrow hair without compromising health. Our best commitment to your care underscores our name in the field of hair transplant centers on the top.

World Class Clinic

We strive to exceed expectations by delivering exceptional medical care and personalized attention in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Since 2010

With years of experience and expertise, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of service and satisfaction.

Most Affordable Clinic

We strive to offer the most competitive rates for our services without compromising on the standard of care as we believe that quality medical care should be to everyone

Qualified Paramedical Staff

Our clinic has a team of highly qualified and experienced staff who are dedicated to providing the best possible care to our patients

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About Us

Chief Doctor Says

Dr. Vikas Gupta

Dr. Vikas Gupta

Director Profile Cosmetic Surgery India

Dr. Vikas Gupta is board certified MCh Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. This is highest qualification of medical sciences. He is owner has medical director of Profile Cosmetic Clinic established in 2010. Dr. Vikas Gupta has vast experience of treating patients/ clients as he started his medical practice in year 1996. More than 25 years of experience.

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Patient Reviews

Vaibhav SharmaVaibhav Sharma
07:22 26 Jan 22
Tried so many other location in Ludhiana for hair transplant, than I heard about Profile Forte and believe me this is the best hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana. These guys did everything they promised. Dr Vikas Gupta & his team is simply amazing.
Harish KumarHarish Kumar
11:47 18 Jan 22
I had my hair transplant 5 months back from profile Dr vikas gupta,. I am very satisfied and happy with my results.Team is very helpful and trained.
Sudesh VermaSudesh Verma
13:16 20 Oct 21
My name sudesh verma candian citizen I operate face surgery from Toronto .but couldn't find any result . After that I met doctor Vikas Guptaregarding my problem. He oprate surgery twice on my face. He give very good results. He is really great plastic surgeon. I really thank ful to Dr Vikas Gupta because he make me happy
laxman profilelaxman profile
06:13 19 Oct 21
One of the best clinic of ludhiana.i like the services of clinic . Dr Vikas Gupta And his team is very professional .am totaly setisfied with my hair transplant results.
16:46 03 Jul 20
I got my hair transplant done from Profile Studios and it was a wonderful experience. I visited multiple doctors before coming into contact with Profile Studios. After meeting and discussing my case with Dr Vikas Gupta, I was super confident that I have finally found the right place as nobody else made such a huge effort to explain the entire process and the options available with me. I booked my appointment the very next day and went ahead with the transplant. The operation was painless and smooth. I sincerely thank Dr Vikas and his entire team for all their hard work, professionalism and support. Dr Vikas and his team are highly skilled with tons of experience. I would surely recommend this place to anyone who's looking for a hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana or Punjab.